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Getting Away With Murder

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Karp Killers Side-Step Murder Conviction

Thanks to a Tel-Aviv court three Jaljulya men  in prison for beating a man to death in front of his wife and daughter in 2009 side-stepped life-in-prison.

Manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of 20 years. Anyone want to guess the average percentage of time convicted criminals in Israel actually serve?

And how much time with Leonid Karp’s wife and daughter “serve” without their husband/father and with the memories of his brutal murder?

via 3 Karp killers convicted of manslaughter, not murder.

When Murder Comes Home…

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Firends and neighbors of 26 yo Ethiopian woman murdered by her husband

Unlike news stories about politics and global intrigue, murder rarely makes it into Israel’s English-language media. Perhaps it is deemed unfit for international consumption. So when an entire series of articles appears in YNet News,  the Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz,  it is not business-as-usual.

In this deeply family-oriented society, the sheer number of family members murdered by their own flesh-and-blood in the past several weeks has hit a nerve.

I can’t speak for all Israelis but as I scan the headlines and see the names of veteran Israelis, Ethiopian and Russian immigrants,  Arabs and Bedioun, men, women and children from big cities, small towns and villages all grieving for sons, daughters, spouses, children and grandchildren, I no longer find myself asking “when will it end?” but, rather, “which of us will be next ?”


Pregnant woman murdered in South Tel Aviv
The Eritrean citizen in her fourth month of pregnancy was found dead in her apartment.

Ha’Aretz 12.11.10

By Yaniv Kubovich and Yanir Yagna

A migrant worker originally from Eritrea was found without signs of life in her South Tel Aviv apartment on Friday night. The woman, in her 30s, was apparently four months pregnant. Police are investigating all possibilities.

The woman’s brother had been trying to reach her for several hours, but she didn’t answer his calls. He arrived at the scene and found her already dead. The brother called emergency aid workers and the police, who are currently searching for the woman’s husband.

In June, a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy was murdered in Ashdod after entering into an argument with her neighbor. The woman’s fetus was delivered in an emergency c-section operation.

The Ashdod police arrested the neighbor, a 38-year-old woman, suspected of having stabbed the victim to death after the latter had spilled coffee in her doorway.

Netanya couple seriously hurt in suspected murder-suicide attempt
Man, 34, allegedly shot his wife while their 3-year-old daughter was in the apartment; incident comes as the latest of several recent cases of severe domestic violence.

By Yaniv Kubovich

An attempted murder suicide left a Netanya couple in serious condition, police said on Saturday, in the latest in a string of domestic violence cases in recent weeks.

A preliminary probe of the event lead police investigators to believe the man, 34, shot his wife in the head, later trying to commit suicide. The woman, who was evacuated to the city’s Laniado hospital, is in critical, with the husband is in serious condition after suffering gun shot wounds to the chest.

The couple’s 3-year-old daughter was reported to have been present in the apartment on Netanya’s Etzel street during the incident.

Late last month, a man allegedly stabbed his wife to death before taking his own life in Petah Tikva.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene confirmed the death of the 43-year-old man, who had hanged himself. His wife, 32, was taken to Beilinson Hospital to the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva in critical condition. She succumbed to her wounds shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Neighbors had apparently heard shouting from the apartment and alerted police. When police arrived, they spotted the man, who had hanged himself from the grating of the apartment’s balcony. They then entered the apartment and found the wife in the living room with stab wounds covering most of her body.

The couple had immigrated to Israel from their native Ethiopia in 2007. They had no children and no previous police record.

On Wednesday, Police arrested a woman in the central Israeli city of Ra’anana suspected of killing her two daughters. [see story below]


Police: Mom murdered 2 girls

Mother admits to strangling two girls aged four, six in Raanana home, according to police

YNET 11.10.10

Raanan Ben-Zur

The bodies of two girls aged four and a half and six were found strangled Wednesday in the apartment they shared with their parents in Raanana.

Paramedics arrived to find the girls dead. Police questioned the mother, Michal Aloni, who was found in the apartment along with them, and say she admitted to the murder. “I took their lives,” police say the mother confessed.

The girls were identified as Roni and her older sister Natalie. The mother’s 42-year-old brother was also arrested because he was in the apartment at the time of the murders.

The girls’ father, who has four children from a previous marriage, was also detained for questioning. His first wife fainted upon arriving at the scene. He said he was the one who alerted rescue forces, after arriving home to find his daughters dead.

In addition, a preliminary investigation has revealed that the mother has been institutionalized in the past. Magen David Adom spokesman Zaki Heller described the events. “At 1:20 pm we received a call about two children found dead in an apartment in Raanana. The paramedics found two girls lying lifeless in their beds,” he said.

The suspected murder is the last in a string of incidents in which parents took violent turns towards their offspring, the previous one occurring in Tel Aviv, where a mother threw her two small children from a fourth-floor window.

Before that, in July, Itai Ben Dror stabbed his three children to death in their sleep, and then attempted to take his own life in his Netanya home.

A Death in Lod

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Death and despair in Lod

Last night, Amal Khalili, a lawyer and the mother of three, was shot to death in her car on the streets of Lod. The police are claiming it is “just” another Honor Killing.

However, her grieving family is expressing outrage at police assertions , claiming that police jumped to that conclusion to save themselves the trouble of tracking down the real perpetrators of this drive-by shooting. “The police have gone bankrupt,” the father says.

With 10 of 13 murders committed over the last 2 years unsolved, Lod residents are not just losing their sense of security: they are losing their sense of outrage over what is happening in their city.

That is a death none of us can afford.

After Lod murders: Riot police units enter the city

A large number of security forces were placed in Lod this morning to increase security in the city. “Where they were they yesterday?” a resident wondered.
Yesterday’s murder of a woman in front of her daughter was the 12th such murder in the last two years. Only two of the cases were solved. Among the police, accusations and explanations abound: Meanwhile, everyone is remaining silent about  the investigation

Eli Senior

In Lod they aren’t taking chances, not when a man and a woman were murdered in the city in less than 48 hours: To maintain order and, perhaps more importantly, to restore some confidence in the city in which 12 people were murdered in the last two years, today (Tuesday) the entire Border Police “Shlomo” Company together with the Central Division Special Police were dispatched to Lod. The undeclared goal of their deployment is to make contact with the Arab population and to prevent the next murder.

“I do not think these murders would have been prevented if there had been were more police officers,” said Lod’s Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Yossi Kedem. “Last year’s murders were mainly due to clan conflicts; this year they are more often ‘family honor’ killings.”

In Lod, apparently, residents no longer get excited by serious criminal incidents. Drivers passing by tonight on Sokolov Street near the murder scene testified to the indifference to such cases . No crowd gathered around the car in which Khalili Amal was shot to death. The drivers, who saw the flashing police lights, just kept driving. “It’s not interesting to anyone anymore, not even to the police,” said one of the drivers who continued on his way.

The residents feel that murders have become routine. In the past two years, a dozen people have been murdered in Lod – but only two of the murders were solved – one, a case of a man who strangled his wife to death.

“The Population Doesn’t Cooperate”

So why can’t the police solve the murders? “Ask the Yamar Center,” says Police Commander Chief Superintendent Kedem. Yamar, the district’s flagship unit, is the unit that solved the Oshranko Family’s murder, the murder of the little girl, Rose and many other murders. But, in Lod, even the Yamar falls short.

The head of the Investigation Squad, Top Deputy Ofer Muallem, considered one of the Police’s best investigators, is familiar with the city inside and out.

“Our biggest problem is that we do not have strong intelligence capabilities and the population here does not cooperate with us,” admitted a source in the county police department. “We know who was killed, the residents know who the killer is, but during the investigations they remain silent. If you do not catch the killer red-handed, then you do not have the weapon he used and you can not get an indictment. “

Ultimately, the end result does not interest the residents or the city leaders. For them, the police are not trying hard enough. “The fact is that in Ramle, which is also a mixed Jewish-Arab city and is around the corner, there is order,” said Joseph, who lives in Lod.  Top regional officials are gradually seeing the city go from being a little headache to a big problem. That seem to be why they brought in the police reinforcements.

“Where they were yesterday?” one resident wondered, “and the big question, where will they be a week from now?”.

Lod Victim’s Father: This Has Nothing To Do With Family Honor

The family of Amal Halili from Lod who was shot to death in front of her daughter in her car last night rejected police assertions that she was killed for “family honor”.

“They are looking for a convenient excuse to close the case. Their goal is to work as little as possible,” said her sister to NRG Ma’ariv. Her father added: “It had nothing to do with Family Honor. The police have gone bankrupt”.

Nativ Nahmani | 10/05/2010 21:51 NRG

“The police are looking for a convenient excuse for this murder so they immediately claim that the motive is family honor, just as they say regarding most of the murders in our community, because they want to close cases”. Thus stated Amira Baaba , sister of Amal Khalili, who was killed last night in Lod, in an interview with  NRG Ma’ariv, this evening (Tuesday). Baaba, a lawyer, added “Their goal is to make the least of it.” The victim’s father, Ahmad, also responded harshly to the   police assessment: “What are they waiting for? The next murder? “.

The father insists that no one in their family is responsible for what happened. “She and her husband have been divorced for over a year. They are not in touch and we do not suspect his family. The rest of the family is her family, so what? Are we suspects now? … Her two brothers are lawyers, the third is a pharmacist and she herself was a respectable, well-educated woman.”

“The police want the solution to their  investigations to walk into their office”, the father added. “They determined that the murder was anhonor killing ten minutes after they arrived at the scene. The police have gone bankrupt … I’m glad that the response of the authorities was to bring a large police force here. The criminals here only understand force.”

A Drive-By Shooting

Khalili was shot last night while driving her car with her 15-year-old brother and her 8 year-old daughter. As they drove,  opened fire. One bullet lodged in her neck, causing her death.

Khalili, divorced with three children, filed a police complaint last month against her  ex-husband’s parents for harassment. However, police point out that the next day she canceled it and that no further complaints were filed.

Yesterday, the Chairman of Lod’s Administration Committee Retired Brigadier General Ilan Harari, called upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare a “root canal” in the city to strike back against rising crime in the streets.

According to Harari, this is a frightening reality that has become the daily routine of the city of Lod. “Almost every day the sounds of gunfire are heard repeatedly in variuos areas of the city, along with serious violations of public order and the rule of law. Bullying, harassment, threats, damage to property, reckless driving and assaults on passers-by have become routine features of life in the city day and night,” Harari wrote, adding:” It is obvious that the criminals are not worried about the police at all. “

Violence Takes No Holidays

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The holiday season in Israel has come to a close. But violence never took a holiday. Here are a few poignant examples.

Jerusalem: A Young Man Stabbed and Critically Wounded in an Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhood

Updated 01:04 01/10/2010
Sagi Shir

A serious injury during the celebration of Simchat Torah: A man of about 20 was stabbed last night (Thursday) in the Ultra- Orthodox Makor Baruch neighborhood in Jerusalem. An MDA team called to the scene evacuated the young man in critical condition to Shaare Zedek Hospital in the city. The background of the event is probably criminal.

The man was stabbed once in the groin; then the attacker fled from the scene towards the Peqi’in Street neighborhood. A Mobile MDA Unit that tried to rescue him was attacked as it reached the neighborhood, delaying the evacuation. Police are searching for the suspect in the stabbing.

This is not the only assault case reported during the days of Succot.

Ashdod police yesterday arrested three minors aged 16 and 17 on suspicion of attacking two minors aged 13 and 14 the evening before for no apparent reason . The minors are patients at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, one in moderate condition and one in good condition. They reported that they were sitting on a bench in the city when a group of teenagers approached them and began to attack them “for no reason.”

A similar criminal event took place last night in Holon in which  two minors, ages 16 and 17, are suspected of forcing a 12-year-old boy into a vehicle in front of a city garden and driving off. The police managed to seize the two men and rescue the boy, who was not severely injured in the incident.

Another unfortunate case took place on Wednesday, in which two people were killed and three others  injured near a cafe in Qalansawa cafe nearby, apparently after unknown persons opened fire towards a group of people sitting there.

In another incident an 18 year-old was killed by gunfire during a brawl in the Bedouin village Laqia in the Negev.

And here are a few more “holiday season ” headlines from Y-Net:

Suspected: A 16 year-old youth sexually assaulted a 6 year-old boy in Afula.
The youth, who works as a guard at a construction site, is suspected of committing indecent acts on the boy – who lives nearby. The child was taken to a hospital for medical examination.

Murder suspects arrested in Abu Gosh, “More blood will flow”
Four members of the Jaber Clan were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Hassan Othman last month. Police suspect that the murder was ‘blood revenge’ for the murder of a boy from the Jaber Family. The village fears more bloodshed.

Father Murders Mother and Says “I’ll Kill Myself”.
“We wanted to save Mom, explained the children of Munib Zhong and A. Ibrahim from Smi, a village in the Western Galilee, who witnessed the horror… The husband climbed up the ladder to the balcony – and stabbed his wife to death

Suspicion: A man stabbed after causing a child to drop his hot dog (Rishon L’Zion)

Suspected: Cop convicted of sexual harassment sexually assaulted female drivers
A Special Patrol officer (a resident of Kiryat Malachi) dismissed from his post following his conviction for harassing a female soldier, was arrested on suspicion of attacking women who were driving alone, signaling them to stop because of disrepair and attempting to sexually assault them.

Mother threw her two children from the 4th floor and jumped. They survived. (Tel-Aviv)

Four year-old injured from shots fired at a house in Tira

14 Year-Old Complains: My husband attacked me even though I was pregnant
Husband suspected of assaulting the young wife on numerous occasions, in addition to suspected statutory rape.

Indictment: Bnei Brak Resident Serving in the 8200 Elite Computer Unit held in sexual harassment of young girl

Caretakers sexually abused mentally-ill patients
Adi Revach and Orly Wanda from Pardes  Hannah are accused of causing inmates to commit a series of serious sex offenses,

Man suspected of raping an 11 year-old girl in the succah that stood at the Tomb of Rabbi Meir in Tiberias

16 year-old admitted that he murdered 14-year-old  over a cigarette (Beersheba)

Beersheba murder: A boy of 15 stabbed to death in a fight

Guess it’s time to get back to work…

Choices Of The Heart

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All too familiar a scene

All too familiar a scene

This past Wednesday night, I went to Beit Shemesh to talk to a group of residents, to hear their concerns about rising crime in their neighborhoods and to talk with them about the possibility of  creating a Beit Shemesh Safety Patrol for Israel’s Guardian Angels.

My hosts were originally expecting it to be a parlor meeting about 10-12 people. Then, last Friday night a neighborhood 14 year-old was attacked by four local 11-12 year-olds. He eventually managed to get away from them, but not before sustaining a cut under his eye that looks like it may have been made by a “sharp instrument”. Suddenly, requests to join the meeting started pouring in. My hostess had to turn people away.

Apparently, that young man from BeitShemesh has the entire community behind him now! If the young thugs who attacked him plan on continuing their violent ways, they sure picked the wrong victim and the wrong time.

Timing: Is It Everything?

Nothing like an attack close to home to bring out the neighbors. But what about all these recent crime stories, this summer’s spate of killings or yesterday’s shocking family murder (see below)? Is this the direction all our neighborhoods are headed or it is just media spin?

Well, according to a recent study that analyzed violent crime in Israel on the basis of Israel Police data for every violent offense between 1980-2007,  there has been an average increase of 37 percent in the number of cases opened for crimes of violence per 100,000 inhabitants.

However,  despite today’s shocking headlines, most of this increase occurred during the 1990s; since 2000, the level has been roughly stable or slightly declined.

Murders Down, Assaults Up

The number of murder cases per 100,000 inhabitants fell from 2.29 in 1980 to 1.82 in 1990 and then to 1.75 in 2007. According to researchers Prof. Aryeh Rattner, head of the Haifa University Center for the Study of Crime, Law and Society, and Prof. Gideon Fishman, an expert on criminology and president of Western Galilee College, the incidence of murder and attempted murder in Israel remains relatively low. By comparison, the incidence of murder in the United States in recent years has been about 7 to 8 per 100,000. In England, it is 1.62, and in Canada, 1.74. In Russia, the rate has been 18 murders per 100,000.

At the same time,  incidents of assault jumped. In 1980, there were 281 cases of assault per 100,000 inhabitants; by 2007, this number rose to 444.

About one-third of all 1990s assault cases were domestic violence cases. Cases of assault and grievous bodily harm in the context of domestic violence between 1990 and 2007 increased  157 percent. Ladies, maybe it’s not such a good idea to stay home after all…

Choices of The Heart

I don’t know about you, but, in my experience, very few people are moved to action by statistics.  They may use statistics to justify themselves, but real decisions of this nature are usually made in the heart, not the head. In the end, whether its Guardian Angels Safety Patrols or El HaLev Self-Defense Classes, it boils down to how close to your heart the threat of violence has come and what you choose to do with the fear that that threat engenders. Some people go into denial. Others lock their doors and bar their windows. And some  stand up, by themselves or with their neighbors, and take their safety into their own hands.

Family of 6 Slain in Central Israel

Emergency services called to scene of fire in Rishon Lezion shocked to find four adults, toddler, three-month old baby stabbed to death. Firefighter: It was a gruesome scene;  incident believed homicide

Eli Senyor- Ynet

The bodies of six people, including two children, were found in a torched apartment in central Israel’s Rishon Lezion’s Nordau Street Saturday.

Mass emergency, Fire and Rescue and police forces were called to the scene of the fire in the early hours of the morning. The flames were soon extinguished, but paramedics had no choice but to pronounce six individuals found at the apartment dead at the scene.

The victims were identified as Eduard Ushrenko and his wife Ludmila (56), their son Demetri (32), his wife Tatiana (28) and their two children, Revital (3) and Netanel (four months).

Initial investigation revealed multiple points of origin for the fire, as well as evidence of blood and stab wounds on the bodies. The Police believe the deaths were not related to the fire and are treating the case as a homicide…

Firefighter Moshe Cohen told Ynet …

“It was a gruesome scene. We quickly realized their deaths were not related to the fire, but that it was in all probability a criminal act…

Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen, Central Police District Commander Nisim Mor and HaShephelah Subdistrict Commander Shimon Ben Harush arrived at the scene to personally supervise the investigation.

Mor: “This is a very difficult scene. Five members of the family were found stabbed and one body was found charred. We are currently exploring all leads, but we believed the murders were committed from within the apartment, since it was found with the door locked.”…

A background check on the family involved revealed the police had no record of them…

A New Ending To A Tragic Tale

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Giving teens the skills to make & support wise choices

Giving teens the skills to make & support wise choices

Oh, Leah. Leah, I wish we could have met before this happened. You see, most of the 15 year-old girls I meet are students in the 16- hour IMPACT Teen Classes we teach. You would probably have felt right at home with us.

Maybe, had you been there, you would have trusted those first signals that no doubt, began to rise in your gut when Dorosham gave you and your friends a ride.  We talk a lot about the importance of honoring your instincts. Maybe you would have gotten out of the car with your friends rather than staying alone with a man your instincts told you not to trust.

Once he got you alone, you still had the strength and the conviction to tell him you didn’t want to sleep with him. A 15 year-old girl all alone facing down a 23 year-old man. That took amazing courage . I only wish you had had the chance to learn the kind of  skills we teach so you would have been able to back up your conviction.

Maybe you would have known how to keep facing him and keep him out of your personal space. Maybe you would have startled him by yelling “BACK OFF!!! and had the presence of mind to push the emergency number on your cellphone.

If he didn’t listen to you, maybe you would have dropped to the sand in that well-practiced defensive ground position- one knee protecting your head and your other leg drawn back like a coiled snake, ready to strike. If he tried to come near you, that coiled leg would have shot out and hit him so hard between the legs, he might have crumpled to the ground. He might have gone down to his knees only to receive a devastating kick to the head and another and another… until he was no longer a threat.

You might have walked away, Leah. Maybe you would have used your cellphone to call the police. It would have been HIM, not you, that they would have found lying on Hill 69. He might have been dragged off to jail where he belonged and you might have gone home to your family…where you belong.

Instead, Leah, you are lying in a fresh grave in the Ashkelon Cemetary. Your family is broken. Your friends are in mourning. And all of us are left asking ourselves “What if…?”

The next IMPACT for Teens Course I teach, Leah, I will look into the eyes of those 15 young women and I will think of you. I will hope that none of them will ever need the skills we will teach them, but I will remember that each one of them represents a chance to rewrite the ending of  tragic stories like yours: a chance you deserved but never had.

Murdered Ashkelon girl laid to rest

Sep. 25, 2009

Hundreds of relatives and friends of 15-year-old Leah Drenkin gathered at an Ashkelon cemetery on Thursday afternoon to pay their last respects to the murdered teenager.

Police believe Nikolai Dorosham, 26, strangled Drenkin in a clearing on Hill 69, near Nitzanim, early on Wednesday, because she refused to have sexual intercourse with him. He has been arrested and charged with murder.

Drenkin’s grandmother, tearful and dazed, crawled on the grave, as dozens of Drenkin’s sobbing friends from high school gathered around, wearing black T-shirts.

Her father shook as he scattered earth over his daughter’s grave.

“She was a flower that was cut down,” Esther Oren, principal of the high school Drenkin attended, told The Jerusalem Post after the funeral.

“Every parent would want a girl like her. She was social, polite, she excelled in her studies. And she was pretty. The teachers are in shock,” Oren said.

Psychologists have been called to the school to offer support to Drenkin’s schoolmates.

“We do not live in a normal world. Leah, I think of what you went through during those terrible hours. I am sorry we could not save you,” Oren told the mourners.

“Just when the whole of the nation of Israel is supposed to focus on unconditional love ahead of Yom Kippur, we get this news,” said Eli Efrah, head of Ashkelon’s Burial Society.

“This is a tragedy for the city of Ashkelon, and for all people with blood running through their veins. We have enough trouble from outside of the country. We don’t need it inside…”

Israel’s Murderous Summer: The Great Motivator?

In Crime in Israel on September 4, 2009 at 16:20

Fear: Is that why these girls are in a kicking class, rather than a chorus line?

Fear: Is that why these girls are in a kicking class, rather than a chorus line?

Had a little trouble following the news in Israel this summer? Maybe you were using the wrong search terms. This summer, “war”, “terrorism” and “bombings” were out. Murder was in. Here’s a short sample of this summer’s “low”lights:

Jul 4 | 17-year-old admits to Ashdod stabbing

Jul 12 | Olga Borisov convicted of killing 4-year-old son
Mother who drowned her 4-year-old son not charged with murder due to her unstable mental condition.

Aug 02: Two killed in shooting at Tel Aviv gay center
15 others wounded in shooting spree; police launch manhunt for gunman

Aug 18 | 22-year-old Tira man killed by masked gunmen
Attackers flee the scene in thirteenth murder this month

Aug 20 | Man killed girlfriend, her daughter
Police apprehend 59-year-old suspect… gag order lifted on gruesome case.

Aug 23 | Teen suspected of killing dad turns himself in
15-year-old who allegedly stabbed his father in family argument…

Aug 28 |Tenant admits to killing Jerusalem landlord
Police say Avi Dar, who had a record of violence, is refusing to answer questions regarding his motive.

Aug 28 | 9 suspects charged in Karp murder
3 indicted on suspicion of killing 59-year-old in cold blood

What do all these cases have in common? Not much. They all took place in Israel. They all happened in the summer. And everyone blames the police, not that anyone  wants to DO anything about it…  A recent survey showed that most Israelis agreed that our police are undermanned and overworked but, underpaid?  No way would they agree to raise  paltry police salaries .  Motivate good cops to remain cops  or attract more and better candidates to the field? What for? Teachers, does this ring a bell?

Anyway, during our School’s-In Happening at our headquarters in Jerusalem, an Arabic-speaking BBC news team showed up to film. Their burning question was the same one I was asked the week before when my IMPACT Teens class in Tel-Aviv was filmed by the Knesset’s official TV channel: “Has the spate of high-profile murders in Israel this summer increased interest in enrollment?”

Well, it sure has increased MEDIA interest. But enrollees? Damned if we know. Yes, there is increased interest. And, of course, we are savvy enough to ask each and every interested party what brought her to our door.  So far, no one  has said: “Because of the stabbings (shootings, beatings) last week”. Still, much as we’d like to think that our hard work and their desire to be-all- that-they-can-be are what it takes to get them in the door, we can’t help but wonder.

Fear As Motivation

What’s really behind the walk-ins and the phone calls? Is it this summer’s screaming headlines?  And if fear is the motivator, what happens when life– and media attention— inevitably shift elsewhere? Will we be back to competing on a par with hip-hop and drawing classes? Or will that extra motivation to empower themselves and their daughters for a lifetime remain?

What do you think?