elhalev inside/out: May 2009

Here’s some of the incredible stuff we did at and through El HaLev in May 2009:

•    A self-defense workshop for At-Risk Teens at an after-school program in JerusalemTeaching self-defense

•    A self-defense program for Bat Ami National Service girls in Beersheva

•    A 6- hour KidPact Personal Safety Seminar for Big & Little Brothers/Sisters from the Israel Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Jerusalem

•    A basic self-defense workshop for women at El HaLev- Jerusalem

•    Personal Protection workshops for Seniors at WIZO in Rishon L’Zion and in Kiryat Gat

•    A self-defense seminar for women in a Battered Women’s Shelter in Beersheva

•    A self-defense program for a group of mothers of autistic children (Alut)

•    An informational meeting about personal protection seminars for seniors for WIZO’s Senior Activity Coordinators and Community Coordinators for the municipality of Jerusalem

•    Participation in the Young Woman Festival in Kfar Saba organized by and for professionals working with At-Risk Teens

•    Martial Arts and Self-Defense demos for participants in Project Tzahal, a Department of Social Welfare program preparing at-risk teens to join the Army or find employment

•    A self-defense presentation and martial arts performance at “Women Safe in The Streets” a project produced by graduates of the Women’s Leadership Project in Rehovot

•    A Self-Defense Games Activity Day for 6th graders in the Krojack Elementary School in Ramat Gan and Bat Mitzvah Girls in the Katznelson School in Givataim

•    Session 1 of a self-defense workshop for teens in Rehovot for the Joint Distribution Committee- Eshelim’s “Chain” Project for Teens

•    A mother-daughter martial arts program at the Nitzan Caravan Site.

•    An introductory workshop in self-defense for at-risk teens through WIZO in Holon and in Rishon L’Zion

•    An introductory workshop in personal protection for seniors in Pisgat Zeev through the Non-Profit Organization for Nursing Services for the Elderly

•    The last of ten 5-hour training session for new IMPACT Staff

And all that was in ONE MONTH!!!

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