elhalev inside/out: June 2009

Here’s a list of the cool stuff El HaLev did in June 2009:

• Self-defense for Teens Workshop for Bat Ami in Beersheva

• Self-defense for Teens Class (1 of 4) at the Neve Amal Community Center in Herzliya

Self-Defense: A Special Need We ALL Share

Self-Defense: A Special Need We ALL Share

• Self-defense Class (1 of 6) for mothers of autistic children served by Alut

• Tai Chi Session(1 of 12) for mothers and daughters originally from Gaza now living in temporary dwellings in Nitzan

• Self-defense Class for for Teens-at-Risk (1 of 6) at Afternoon “Warm Home” Program in Rishon L’Zion

• Sports Day for the Ulpanat Raya in Beit El- 4 parallel activities

• Self-Defense Class For Women in Jerusalem (1 of 5)

• Self-Defense Class for Seniors in Kiryat Gat

• Day Out sponsored by Alut and the Municipality of Jerusalem for The Coordinators of Tzamid working with special needs populations

• Self-Defense Workshop for Maaleh Erev High School students in Jerusalem

• Self-Defense Demonstration Class for Young Women for the Genogali School in Jerusalem

• Self-Defense Workshop at Project Selait for the rehabilitation of prostitutes in Tel Aviv (1 of 6)

• Self-Defense Workshop for people with various disabilities through Beit Galgalim (1 of 5)

• Kol HaIsha (Voice of the Woman) Convention: Jerusalem

• Self-Defense for At-Risk Teens at the Eden Dormitories at Kibbutz Carmiya (1 of 6)

• Self-Defense for Children and Spouses of Alzheimer patients for themselves and their loved ones

• Self-Defense Workshop for Seniors with Mental Disabilities at Golden Eden in Jerusalem

• Capoeira End-of-the-Year Music and Acrobatics Party

• Continuing Instructional Staff Education: Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse: sponsored by the Help Center for Religious Women in Jerusalem (1 of 3)

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