elhalev inside/out: July 2009

  • Self-defense for People w/ Special Needs- 1 of 5- Beit Galagalim – Jerusalem
  • Self-defense for At-Risk Teens- 1 of 5-“Warm Home” Program- Rishon L’Zion
  • Self-defense for At-Risk Ethiopian Teens- 1 of 6- Mercaz Reich- Yavne
  • Self-defense for Women in Rehabilitation from Prostitution- 1 of 4- Tel-Aviv

Self-defense is for everyBODY
Self-defense is for everyBODY
  • IMPACT Self-defense for Teens 1 of 4 – Efrat
  • Capoeria for Tots- Ein Kerem Day Camp – Jerusalem
  • Judo – Jujitsu Seminar- Jerusalem
  • Soft Martial Arts Seminar (Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Bagua) – Jerusalem
  • Self-defense for Domestic Violence Victims- 1 of  5 – WIZO Shelter – Jerusalem
  • Mother-Daughter Martial Arts Workout – Nitzan Caravans
  • Self-defense for At-Risk Teens, “Hafuch Al Hafuch”- Holon
  • Self-defense & Martial Arts at the Koby Mandel Memorial Camp for Children in Dimona from Families of Terror Victims from throughout Israel
  • Filming for “The Professionals” on Channel 10- Women in the Martial Arts
  • Continuing Education for Self-Defense & IMPACT Instructors- The Rape Crisis Center for Religious Women – Jerusalem (1 of 3)
  • Self Protection for Seniors- Mifgash B’Kfar- Kfar Saba
  • Self-defense for Women- National Kolech Convention- Religious Women’s Forum
  • Self Protection for Seniors / Holocaust Survivors at the Amcha Center in Jerusalem
  • Martial Arts Seminar for the Kfar Pines Religious Girls HS for Bat Ami National Service Women
  • Self-defense for At-Risk Ethiopian Teens in Kiryat Gat – Fidel Organization (1 of 5)
  • Aikido Workshop with Sensei Jaime Zimron from California – Jerusalem
  • Self-defense for at-Risk Teens- Project Matzila – Rehovot (1 of 5)
  • Martial Arts Fun Day – Tidhar School for Learning Disabled Children
  • Martial Arts for Teens at the Shapira Community Center, Tel-Aviv
  • Self-defense for At-Risk Ethiopian Teens – Maaleh Adumim – “Yedid L’Yeled”
  • Blood Drive in cooperation with AACI- The Association of North American & Canadian
  • Self-defense for Victims of Domestic Abuse – Wizo Shelter – Ashdod (1 of 5)
  • Car Repair and Self-defense Workshop – Jerusalem
  • Martial Arts Fun Day – Tidhar School for Learning Disabled Children (Part 2)
  • Martial Arts Fun Day – 100 children for Wizo Day Camp – Pisgat Zeev – Jerusalem

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