about El HaLev

El HaLev, “To The Heart”, was established in 2003 to empower women of all ages and to reduce violence in Israeli society through application of the body-mind-spirit methodology of the martial arts and self-defense.

We design and adapt our programs to meet the specific needs of their varied participants so each participant can discover their physical and emotional power and acquire the tools and skills they need to make informed and responsible choices, set and protect their personal boundaries, significantly increase their physical safety, and move with confidence through their lives.

Violence against women does not discriminate. Therefore, our activities for the advancement and empowerment of women in Israel are open to all women, from girlhood through mature adulthood, regardless of religion, race, sexual inclination or political view.

In response to the many challenges facing Israel as a modern Western multi-cultural society, the organization has expanded its range of activities to include self-defense and violence prevention for those populations facing increasing violence: the elderly, children and people with special needs. In order to accomplish this, El HaLev has developed a wide range of courses designed to provide practical skills, reduce the level of violence and foster a safer and calmer social climate.

El HaLev’s offices and training facilities in Jerusalem and its offices and activity center in Tel Aviv serve as the nerve centers of the organization’s activities throughout the country.

Over the years, El HaLev has served hundreds of participants from every walk of life. Dozens of government agencies, municipalities, educational, health and social institutions and organizations offer El HaLev classes and workshops to their clients and staff as a way to improve health, confidence, and awareness and to work toward a society in which all people can live in dignity and safety.

El HaLev is a registered non-profit organization in Israel with a client base of well over 1200 and growing. US donors can donate to El HaLev via The Jewish Communal Fund in order to receive their tax benefits. The Jewish Communal Fund donates all proceeds directed to El HaLev through the Central Fund of Israel.

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