A Death in Lod

In Crime in Israel on October 6, 2010 at 00:59

Death and despair in Lod

Last night, Amal Khalili, a lawyer and the mother of three, was shot to death in her car on the streets of Lod. The police are claiming it is “just” another Honor Killing.

However, her grieving family is expressing outrage at police assertions , claiming that police jumped to that conclusion to save themselves the trouble of tracking down the real perpetrators of this drive-by shooting. “The police have gone bankrupt,” the father says.

With 10 of 13 murders committed over the last 2 years unsolved, Lod residents are not just losing their sense of security: they are losing their sense of outrage over what is happening in their city.

That is a death none of us can afford.

After Lod murders: Riot police units enter the city

A large number of security forces were placed in Lod this morning to increase security in the city. “Where they were they yesterday?” a resident wondered.
Yesterday’s murder of a woman in front of her daughter was the 12th such murder in the last two years. Only two of the cases were solved. Among the police, accusations and explanations abound: Meanwhile, everyone is remaining silent about  the investigation

Eli Senior

In Lod they aren’t taking chances, not when a man and a woman were murdered in the city in less than 48 hours: To maintain order and, perhaps more importantly, to restore some confidence in the city in which 12 people were murdered in the last two years, today (Tuesday) the entire Border Police “Shlomo” Company together with the Central Division Special Police were dispatched to Lod. The undeclared goal of their deployment is to make contact with the Arab population and to prevent the next murder.

“I do not think these murders would have been prevented if there had been were more police officers,” said Lod’s Police Chief Deputy Superintendent Yossi Kedem. “Last year’s murders were mainly due to clan conflicts; this year they are more often ‘family honor’ killings.”

In Lod, apparently, residents no longer get excited by serious criminal incidents. Drivers passing by tonight on Sokolov Street near the murder scene testified to the indifference to such cases . No crowd gathered around the car in which Khalili Amal was shot to death. The drivers, who saw the flashing police lights, just kept driving. “It’s not interesting to anyone anymore, not even to the police,” said one of the drivers who continued on his way.

The residents feel that murders have become routine. In the past two years, a dozen people have been murdered in Lod – but only two of the murders were solved – one, a case of a man who strangled his wife to death.

“The Population Doesn’t Cooperate”

So why can’t the police solve the murders? “Ask the Yamar Center,” says Police Commander Chief Superintendent Kedem. Yamar, the district’s flagship unit, is the unit that solved the Oshranko Family’s murder, the murder of the little girl, Rose and many other murders. But, in Lod, even the Yamar falls short.

The head of the Investigation Squad, Top Deputy Ofer Muallem, considered one of the Police’s best investigators, is familiar with the city inside and out.

“Our biggest problem is that we do not have strong intelligence capabilities and the population here does not cooperate with us,” admitted a source in the county police department. “We know who was killed, the residents know who the killer is, but during the investigations they remain silent. If you do not catch the killer red-handed, then you do not have the weapon he used and you can not get an indictment. “

Ultimately, the end result does not interest the residents or the city leaders. For them, the police are not trying hard enough. “The fact is that in Ramle, which is also a mixed Jewish-Arab city and is around the corner, there is order,” said Joseph, who lives in Lod.  Top regional officials are gradually seeing the city go from being a little headache to a big problem. That seem to be why they brought in the police reinforcements.

“Where they were yesterday?” one resident wondered, “and the big question, where will they be a week from now?”.

Lod Victim’s Father: This Has Nothing To Do With Family Honor

The family of Amal Halili from Lod who was shot to death in front of her daughter in her car last night rejected police assertions that she was killed for “family honor”.

“They are looking for a convenient excuse to close the case. Their goal is to work as little as possible,” said her sister to NRG Ma’ariv. Her father added: “It had nothing to do with Family Honor. The police have gone bankrupt”.

Nativ Nahmani | 10/05/2010 21:51 NRG

“The police are looking for a convenient excuse for this murder so they immediately claim that the motive is family honor, just as they say regarding most of the murders in our community, because they want to close cases”. Thus stated Amira Baaba , sister of Amal Khalili, who was killed last night in Lod, in an interview with  NRG Ma’ariv, this evening (Tuesday). Baaba, a lawyer, added “Their goal is to make the least of it.” The victim’s father, Ahmad, also responded harshly to the   police assessment: “What are they waiting for? The next murder? “.

The father insists that no one in their family is responsible for what happened. “She and her husband have been divorced for over a year. They are not in touch and we do not suspect his family. The rest of the family is her family, so what? Are we suspects now? … Her two brothers are lawyers, the third is a pharmacist and she herself was a respectable, well-educated woman.”

“The police want the solution to their  investigations to walk into their office”, the father added. “They determined that the murder was anhonor killing ten minutes after they arrived at the scene. The police have gone bankrupt … I’m glad that the response of the authorities was to bring a large police force here. The criminals here only understand force.”

A Drive-By Shooting

Khalili was shot last night while driving her car with her 15-year-old brother and her 8 year-old daughter. As they drove,  opened fire. One bullet lodged in her neck, causing her death.

Khalili, divorced with three children, filed a police complaint last month against her  ex-husband’s parents for harassment. However, police point out that the next day she canceled it and that no further complaints were filed.

Yesterday, the Chairman of Lod’s Administration Committee Retired Brigadier General Ilan Harari, called upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare a “root canal” in the city to strike back against rising crime in the streets.

According to Harari, this is a frightening reality that has become the daily routine of the city of Lod. “Almost every day the sounds of gunfire are heard repeatedly in variuos areas of the city, along with serious violations of public order and the rule of law. Bullying, harassment, threats, damage to property, reckless driving and assaults on passers-by have become routine features of life in the city day and night,” Harari wrote, adding:” It is obvious that the criminals are not worried about the police at all. “

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