The Wolf Guarding The Chickens

In Sexual Assault on May 2, 2010 at 13:27
How did a convicted murderer-pedophile end up as a guard for a suicidal 14 year old girl?

That is the question being asked by a good portion of Israeli society since this story broke last week. It’s important to understand two background points about this story:

1) The role of security guard is taken very seriously in this society. Many Israeli security guards have sacrificed their lives by exposing and blocking suspected terrorists from entering restaurants, malls and schools to protect the people they are charged with protecting.

2) The law in Israel about hiring security personnel as well as anyone who works with kids is crystal-clear: Before being hired, everyone has to present a printout obtained from the police department certifying that s/he has never been convicted of a crime that might indicate a history of violence or sexual offenses.

All of which only begs the question: How could a charity like Matav have made such a serious mistake? Was it pure, unadulterated neglect or did someone decide that s/he was wiser than the law? Was it was simply too inconvenient to take the steps that could have prevented this outrage?Whose time and attention was worth more than the health and well-being of a fragile 14 year-old girl?

In the end, it is she, her family and our entire society that pays the price for a crime of negligence like this.

So perhaps, while we are out pointing fingers , we should take a good look at ourselves:
  • How often do we play with the boundaries of the law: drive too fast, fail to buckle a child into a stroller or car seat, leave the scene of a scrape or fender-bender because its too small to deal with or too inconvenient?
  • How often do we ignore our sense that something is not right, that still, small voice of warning we get when entering certain situations because we feel others will not respect us, or it seems harmless or it would be inconvenient to make other plans?

The choices we make have consequences. Sometimes we pay a high price for those “little things” we decide to let slide. And sometimes, others end up paying the price for us.

Pedophile-killer ‘molested suicidal girl’ in hospital

Jerusalem Post

Director of charity that hired man to work as guard questioned on suspicion of employing convicted felon to protect minors.

A 70-year-old man from Herzliya who was convicted and served a lengthy prison term for murdering his former wife and raping minors was arrested at the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba on Thursday after allegedly molesting a 14-year-old suicidal girl whom he was employed to guard.

The suspect, Yosef Nunu, was hired by the Matav charity to work as a security guard. The charity’s director was questioned by police under suspicion of employing a convicted felon to protect minors in violation of the law.

Nunu served 24 years in prison for murder, molesting minors, raping young girls, and molesting family members. He was released after receiving a presidential pardon.

Nunu was tasked with securing a girl who had been hospitalized after attempting to take her own life.

The incident has caused national outrage, and police have stressed that the law calls for any agency which employs people who work around children to ensure that the employee produces a certificate from police stating that he or she has no previous convictions.

According to suspicions, Nunu began molesting and touching the girl while she lay in her hospital bed. He was seen by doctors hovering over the girl. The doctors became alarmed at his actions and immediately called police.

During police questioning, Nunu denied the suspicions, saying he merely “wanted to cheer her up” by giving her “a massage and a kiss to the forehead.”

The Kfar Saba Magistrate’s Court extended Nunu’s custody by five days, and described the suspect as a danger to those around him.


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