North to the Kinneret (i.e. Sea of Galilee)

In Circle of Strength on December 14, 2009 at 00:59

Finally, a day in which we could sleep in…unfortunately some of us were up till 4am doing laundry…luckily we had three hours on the bus to catch up on sleep. A full bus load of us headed north out of Jerusalem today for the Kinneret (or the Sea of Galilee). Accompanying us today were four+ El Halev staff and family…it helps a great deal to have Uke’s (assistants) and interpreters.

Janice (red and white belt) and her Uke. Janice is performing the art (i.e. martial art) and her Uke is having the art performed on her.

Before teaching at two local communities centers we stopped at the southern edge of the Kinneret (Mitzpeh Shalom) for a short, but much needed, yoga class led by one of our very own Zosia.

Tree Pose overlooking the Kinneret. From left to right-Zosia, Sherry, Yael, Jill, Jamie and Gabby.

This afternoon we divided into two groups and visited two different community centers-Bnai Yehuda and Haspin. We taught basic self defense and had some fun with weapons. These trips out into local small town communities are particularly special trips for all of us. It’s just these communities that often have limited, if any access, to martial arts and/or self defense classes. By teaching in small communities we have the opportunity to reach a much larger proportion of the population and have a greater impact.

Learning how to block against a straight hand or round house punch to the inside, in other words blocking so that your body is to the inside of theirs.

Blocking a straight hand punch to the outside, in other words blocking so that your body is to the outside of theirs.

We haven’t even been here a week, but it feels like a lifetime. For all of use, the combination of being in this culturally and spiritually rich landscape and the opportunity to share our life as martial artists has been absolutely amazing. We have all been deeply touched by our experiences here. Any of you who have ever had the pleasure of teaching, know that teaching is an incredibly rewarding experience. A secret, if you don’ already know it…we learn as much from our students as they do from us.

Our fun with weapons class.



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