Setting Personal Boundaries

In Circle of Strength on December 12, 2009 at 21:35

On Thursday morning we had the privilege of working with individuals with special needs. This was an amazingly powerful experience for all of us. Love and Respect. When asked what I thought about the class, that is all I could think…Love and Respect. Setting Boundaries is about loving and respecting yourself. If you saw someone beating a child, what would you do? If someone chose to attack you, what would you do? The answer should be same. When we learn to set Boundaries we can imagine doing so at three different levels. The first is with your Voice.

Using your voice to let someone know that what they are doing is not ok.

No, Lo, Nyet…whatever language you speak, learning to say No at whatever necessary level, is the first step to setting Boundaries. The second step is placing a physical barrier between you and the threat. That Barrier is your hands, or any appropriate object. Use your hands to place a wall between you and the threat, accompanied by your Voice.

If hands are not possible, put whatever is handy between you and the threat...pinning them in a corner isn't a bad thing either.

If in the end your Voice and Hands do not provide the Boundary you need…hit, bite, slap, run them over with your wheel chair, throw something at them, do whatever it takes.

Use your hands to protect yourself and to fight back.

Remember, it is not your job to teach someone to respect your boundaries, save teaching for self-defense classes, in real, everyday life you must MAKE them respect your boundaries.

Wrist locks are an effective way to get someone off you.

Do you believe me know about those wrist locks?



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