Mini-Maagal HaOtzma PHOTOS!

In Circle of Strength, El HaLev on December 12, 2009 at 11:19

Twenty-five classes in blocks of 5 each, over 8+hrs, ten instructors, 100 or so women participants. 10 Dec. 2009

Learning how to escape from a choke.

Practicing kicks.

Finger come along...good defense against a date that is getting too fresh.

Learning to defend yourself without sight.

Eyes are pretty soft and squishy. Don't fight muscle with muscle, pick a body part that you know you are guaranteed to be stronger than.

That cheek pressure point will set you free. Just look at those eyes...

Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right. - Ani DiFranco

Defense against knife attack.

How to deal with a take down from behind to the ground. Elbows on the right target don't feel so good.

Ki work.

The power of remaining centered and good posture.

Take down.

Hold down.

Not so fast buddy. You think we don't know how to handle a grab from behind.

It is never too early to begin!


  1. Great classes, big thank you for all the teachers and participants.
    I had lots of fun!!!

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