Givon Prison, Ramla, Israel

In Circle of Strength on December 10, 2009 at 21:04

Zosia Gorbaty, blog author and instructor at Givon Prison. Zosia co-taught with Yael Arnon.

Just returned to Jerusalem from Givon Prison in Ramla, Israel, where I taught illegal immigrant women from Ethiopia, Phillipines, Nepal, Eastern Europe, and points beyond, assertiveness and boundary settings skills. Many were unable to speak English or Hebrew, but understood universal strong body language, eye contact, and a loud, clear voice. This was one of the greatest challenges, and most rewarding experiences in my last 30 years of teaching womens’ self defense. My heart could see the pain of their lives written on their faces. Those who refused to participate seemed to be the most beaten down, but still watched intently. Those who did participate were openly grateful to know they have not been forgotten. We laughed together and yelled together; their images still in my mind, my eyes wet with tears. May I never forget how fortunate and blessed is my life.

  1. […] 14, 2009 at 23:59 The 10th of December was a volunteer day for our instructors. Besides the women’s prison and at risk teens we visited a hostel for young Ethiopian women, a home for special needs […]

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