Chi Gong in the Cardo-What BLISS!

In Circle of Strength on December 9, 2009 at 18:59

Wow! Ok, I can’t say that at the beginning of every blog…so how about History! As Sherry said “America is soooooo young”. Despite the fact that one of us was out until 0015 this morning training with Shibumikai (Sensei Yael Arnon), we were up and out the door early this morning. Those of you that know Jamie will be surprised that she did not hold us up this morning. While we were getting ready to leave the hotel Yudit was on her way to Arutz 2 for a feature news interview…following on the heels of her feature newspaper article yesterday (See Fire Power and Fun blog). I wonder what trick she can pull out of her hat tomorrow?

Yudit all dressed up for her morning TV interview.

While Yudit was mass marketing El Halev and the Circle of Strength tour the rest of us got to be tourist this morning…at least after Chi Gong and BLISS in the Cardo. More about BLISS later. Let’s talk Cardo. You heard me right, we did Chi Gong in the Cardo. Tanya Beltzer our Chi Gong teacher standing next to the El Halev billboard in the Cardo.Those of you following us from the world outside of Israel need to understand that this was a totally cool experience. The Cardo is in the Old City, it is the reconstructed main street of Byzantine Jerusalem. We were under the street next to the remnant columns of the First and Second Temple. After Chi Gong Jamie led us through some BLISS-Balance, Lengthen, Integrate, Stretch and Strengthen.

Don't let Jamie's smiling face fool you. BLISS is an amazing workout and core strength builder.

Trust me, it is not near as easy as their smiling faces make it look.


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