Fire Power and Fun

In Circle of Strength on December 8, 2009 at 22:15

Yudit in person and in print!

Wow! What a day. But first, I need to give some serious props to those families here in Israel that hosted us in one’s, two’s and three’s last night. What an amazing welcome. Complete strangers took us into their homes feed us, gave us a warm bed to sleep in and hot showers this morning. Every single one of us would like to whole heartedly thank the families that so generously took us in last night…Toda. After a late start this morning (we needed our beauty sleep after the long two days of travel) we headed to a local bagel shop. As we set around enjoying lunch we read through the article in the local Maariv paper detailing Yudit’s personal story and El Halev. English translation to come soon.

Elizabeth and one of our instructors from Caliber 3.

After lunch Yudit treated us to an unscheduled visit to Caliber 3-a military, civilian and security services training fire range. Needless to say we are the kind of gals that like our weapons. The guys at Caliber 3 were great, taking us through rifle and hand gun drills. Their primary objective in training is dealing with terrorist. Unlikely a strictly military operation were you shot first and ask questions later, when dealing with terrorist that target civilian populations you need to be more selective and strategic in your operations. We had a blast. We shot M16’s and 9mm’s, and I might add that no bad guys got away. This bunch knows weapons. I think we caught our trainers a bit off guard. They gave us instructions on how to position our bodies and move, then they told us to do it…and what do you know…we did just as they instructed. The look on their faces was priceless. Nothing to correct, we all did it perfect, damn near in unison and with some serious Kiai (pronounced key-eye; our spirit yell). I suspect that we could have spent whole rest of the day there, but…

Janice and her wack-a-moles...getting ready to wack some kids.

We had 40+ kids waiting for us at Yudit’s Mishpachat Budo Dojo. We spared with the kids, taught them defenses against knife attacks, how to avoid being grabbed, and then we threw the kids around-only after we taught them how to fall of course. The kids had a blast. Most of us lacked any Hebrew language skills, but luckily for us the language of fun was spoken by all.

End of a great class with the kids.


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