A Story of Courage For An Imperfect World

In Children on October 9, 2009 at 02:39
A Young Girl Who Stood Up To Her Assailant...And Her Parents

So much courage in such a small package

As many of you know, I am an avid collector. I collect self-defense success stories. They are not nearly as easy to find as murder and mayhem stories. After all, who wants to hear about the horrific crime that never took place because the intended victim refused to be a victim? But I keep a sharp eye out for them and keep them at www.delicious. com/senseijs for everyone to see, share, learn and be inspired.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on adding to my collection tonight, just reviewing today’s share of depressing and disturbing news. However, by some miracle, I chanced upon this gem, from Beit Shemesh, no less. I just had to add it to my collection and  translate it for you so you could marvel at it with me.

This is the story of a little  girl with tremendous courage. Her grandfather’s 76 year-old brother indecently assaulted her, so she kicked him and yelled at him to leave her alone. Amazing! When  she got home and told her parents what happened, they told her not to tell anyone. But she refused to remain silent. She went to school and told what had happened to her. The school’s counselor called the police. The police arrested the suspect (who claims she kissed him!) and are recommending prosecution. And they pulled in the parents on suspicion of violating the Sexual Abuse Reporting Law.

Now in a perfect world, nothing would have happened to this little girl. In a somewhat less perfect world, this girl’s parents would have stood up for her. But this isn’t a perfect world. Not even close. And that is why this story is so compelling. This little girl  stood up to her attacker, an elder, a family member. She stood up to her parents. And she stood before the school counselor and the police and told her story. In the face of  anger, embarrassment and pressure from her family threatening everything a little girl holds dear, she refused to be silenced. She stood up and spoke her Truth.

I am reminded of the  story from the Talmud, Taanit 5b of a man traveling through the desert who comes upon a tree offering delicious fruit, shade, and  a spring of water.

He enjoyed the food, rest and water and, as he prepared to depart, he turned to the tree.

‘Tree, oh, tree, with what should I bless you? Should I bless you that your fruit be sweet? Your fruit is already sweet. Should I bless you that your shade be plentiful? Your shade is plentiful. That a spring of water should run beneath you? A spring of water runs beneath you. There is only one thing with which I can bless you: May it be God’s Will that all the trees planted from your seed be like you…”

So here is my blessing for that little girl and for all of us: Since we seem destined to live in an imperfect world, may there be dozens and hundreds and thousands just like her, ready to stand up and speak their truth. And may we who guide them be wise, sensitive and strong enough to stand up with them.

Senior Tells Police: The Girl Kissed Me

A young girl from Beit Shemesh who fell victim to indecent assault at the hands of her grandfather’s brother decided not to remain silent. Even though her parents told her not to tell anyone, she reported it at school and the suspect was arrested.

Yafat Reuban (ynet)
October8, 2009

The girl told school officials that her grandfather’s brother had committed indecent assault while driving her on his motorized cart. Her parents told her not to tell anyone and the school immediately called the police who arrested the suspect, a man in his mid-70’s.

A counselor from one of the city’s school reported to the Beit Shemesh Police Department about a girl who told her that her grandfather’s brother committed indecent acts on her. When the girl was interviewed by a member of the Child Investigation Team, she reported that the 76 year-old suspect drove her on his motorized cart to one of the orchards in the area and asked her to touch his intimate organs, groped her and kissed her on the lips.

The girl also reported that, in response to his actions, she kicked her grandfather’s elderly brother and told him to leave her alone. When she yelled, he became alarmed and agreed to return her to her grandfather’s house. The girl explained that she revealed what had happened to her parents, but they requested that she not tell anyone about it.

The suspect under arrest denied during his interrogation that he had committed indecent acts on the girl and insisted that it was she who kissed him. It appears that the police will recommend to the prosecution to issue an indictment against the suspect. The parents are also under investigation, suspected of not reporting the incident to the police.


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