6 Year-Old Crimefighter

In Children, Crime in Israel, empowerment on July 24, 2009 at 01:15
A few days ago, the news carried this inspiring little nugget:
Ramat Gan: Six year-old girl drives off robber with blows from a broom

A 51 year-old resident of Ramat Gan was arrested yesterday by the Merchav Dan police after two apartment-dwellers in the city complained that he had come to their homes to attempt to rob them.

The suspect came to one apartment wielding a knife and asking for money. Once his request was granted, he left.

He arrived at another apartment and knocked on the door. A six year-old girl answered the door and told him to leave or she would call the police. He drew his knife but the girl stayed cool and hit him with the handle of a broom, driving him off . When local police arrived, they were able to track him to his home via a description provided to them. He was placed under arrest.

Now, would I advise a six year-old girl to take a broomstick to a knife-welding robber? No way! As a professional self-defense instructor, I advise people that nothing they own is as valuable, nor as unique and irreplaceable as they are.
Girl With A Broom- 1651

Girl With A Broom- 1651

But, Man, was I psyched to read about this little girl in Ramat Gan  beating an armed robber to his senses! Talk about empowerment!
And while she’s at it, there are more than a few folks  that I’d like to sic this broom-wielding young lady on.
Right on the top of my hit-with-a-stick parade are public figures dismissed under a cloud of allegations of sexual harassment and assault who rise again as if nothing ever happened.
But let’s not go there… just yet…

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